Upper West Side: The Journey of 1,000 Miles blah blah blah...

I took my first walk today around the Upper West Side ("UWS").  The UWS is broadly defined as the area west of Central Park (bounded to the north and south by W. 110th St. and W. 59th St. and the east and west by Riverside Drive and Central Park West.  It's a generally residential area and landmarks include the American Museum of Natural History and Lincoln Center.  This is where I first lived when I came to New York in 2011, so I thought it made sense to start here.

I started today at Central Park West and W. 96th St. and walked each street from W. 96th down to W. 83rd (approx. 9.5 miles).

Today's Walk

Being a mostly residential neighborhood, this is maybe not the most exciting walk in the world, especially since I stuck to the streets (as opposed to the avenues, where shops / restaurants are located on the UWS).  Still, there are a ton of beautiful old brownstones and classic New York luxury apartment buildings.

The things I noticed the most were the unique architectural details.  A row of brownstones might otherwise look the same, but for the interesting bas reliefs and other carvings that had been incorporated around the windows and over the doors.  It being the Halloween season (if that's a thing), I thought I'd include some pictures of some of the more creepy characters I found.