About Me

I was initially reluctant to add an "About Me" section, figuring that anyone who had this link probably already knew me.  However, it looks like enough strangers have visited for me to indulge in a biographical page.

I believe that self portraits are generally either too kind or not kind enough; and as such, I have decided to let others tell my story for me.  I offer you two "About Me"s: one from a source who knows me well (my brother), and one from a source who doesn't (an anonymous internet commenter).  The truth probably lies somewhere in between.

Source #1: Russell Smith (Brother)
Bruce Smith lives in New York City with his wife and an imaginary French Bulldog named Tiberius.  He enjoys long walks (obvi), cold beer, the great outdoors, watching the mighty Ducks of Oregon demoralize their opponents, fly fishing, Microsoft Excel, and playing nose harmonica.

Source #2: NYC-10001-10305 (Internet Commenter)
[What he's doing] has been done before why is this even relevent. [Bruce Smith is] another person with too much free time, not enough friends and a need for attention [who goes] for a walk. The end.