What's the point?

In New York it's easy to never stray from the five blocks surrounding your apartment and the five blocks surrounding your office.  It sounds strange, but if you don't make an effort to go out and explore you kind of get stuck.  I'm not going to live in New York forever and I'd hate to leave and realize that I didn't take full advantage of my time here, so I'm going to walk every street in Manhattan and take some pictures along the way.  To quote my wife, "Didn't Google Streetview already do this?"  Yes.  I'm not trying to do something that's never been done before (other people, in addition to Google, have done this).  I'm doing this because I think it would be fun and I'm already kind of doing it. 

 But why does it need to be a blog?  It doesn't, and if nobody reads this, that's ok.  That being said, I think people out there might be interested in this too...if it doesn't end up sucking (which it might).  New Yorkers are generally interested to learn more about their city (I'm a bit of a history dork and will try to weave some fun facts in here and there) and 47 million tourists visit this city every year.  If I can convince just ONE of them to skip Times Square in favor of something else (ANYTHING ELSE), then this will all have been worthwhile.